2015 Canine Mayor Election Results

Results of the Latest Canine Mayor Fundraiser

On behalf of the Mount Dora Heroes Foundation, we would like to thank everyone for their participation in our canine mayor fundraiser. Each year this fundraiser provides a fun and interactive way to help support retired police K9s. We are so thankful for the community and all that the residents do to support this cause!

We are proud to announce that the Canine Mayor Election and Paw Parade raised $4,757.58. All proceeds benefiting the Mount Dora Heroes Foundation – Canine Retirement Fund.

Swearing in for the new Canine Mayor and Vice Mayor is tentatively planned for the January 5th council meeting.  The election results are as follows:

Canine Mayor


Virgil is 3 and half years old and works as the school mascot for Mount Dora’s local Montessori school. Virgil loves the children and brings many smiles to the school. He enjoys meditating and napping daily. Virgil loves to play but takes racing the UPS truck seriously.

Canine Vice Mayor


Edie is 3 years old. Edie always looks forward to playing with her BFF and other dogs. She is fascinated with the lizard community and always shows them lots of attention! Edie loves to snuggle with her favorite people and shows off her snoring skills during sleep.

Canine Mayor elections will open again in October 2016. Each elected canine that serves a term is only eligible for re-election after 2 terms out of office.