About the Foundation

Our Mission and Core Objectives

The Mount Dora Heroes Foundation (MDHF) is a Florida nonprofit, charitable organization created to enhance public safety and law enforcement in the Mount Dora Community. Its mission is to act as an independent and unique resource for the Mount Dora Police Department by providing resources to:

  • Strengthen ties with the community
  • Keep pace with rapidly-changing technology
  • Honor fallen officers and their families
  • Advance and fund the K-9 program

What We Do

The MDHF raises funds for a variety of initiatives. Officer safety is the top priority. The funds include the following:

K-9 Program Fund
We aim to assist handlers with retired K-9 medical expenses as well as support the Mount Dora K-9 program through a variety of means.

Memorial Fund
Through this initiative, we commit funds for construction of the Mount Dora Police & Fire Memorial Plaza, support injured or fallen officers and their families in times of crisis, and support for the National Organization of Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.).

Community Improvement Fund
Our Community Improvement Fund enables officer safety projects and programs, promotion of crime prevention programs, and supports programs that will help strengthen the bonds between the police department and the community  This fund additionally helps the Mount Dora Police Department keep up with rapidly changing technology and non-budgeted initiatives.  NOTE: This is the Foundation’s unrestricted fund, which includes associated Foundation administrative costs (such as filing of the Annual Corporate Report.)


The MDHF is guided by a Board of Directors. The directors develop and implement the mission, priorities, and goals for program activities. Further, they monitor financial and program performance, measure effectiveness of efforts, and shape future activities.