Welcome to mountdoraheroesfoundation.com

Mount Dora Heroes Foundation has a Home on the Web

Welcome to our new home on the web.  Mount Dora Heroes Foundation is proud to announce the launch of www.mountdoraheroesfoundation.com.

Our new site strives to cover a number of key goals.  First and foremost, we aim to educate the greater public about our noble causes and the positives they achieve.

Second, we hope to encourage those of you who can to donate so that we can better meet the foundation’s objectives and make our community a better, safer place.

Lastly, we hope to keep the community engaged and up-to-date with our latest events.

We’re proud to be able to reach new audiences and effectively communicate with those of you in the Mount Dora area.  If you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to respond to your inquiries.